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The other eternity

Youth lives for itself, the age for another eternity...

Inspired by a poem by Hermann Hesse....


Youth lives for itself but age for another eternity!

Young people are full with decision and their lifes are overwhelming
Today is not tomorrow and the quiet time keeps in the background, unnoticed

The days slowly pass away and the nights lead to the eternity!

One day they will wake up and notice that things have changed
They are not what they seemed to be
Today you know what you have missed!


The bands comments....

I love this song. I can take a break when we play it!
Mark, drums

The lyrics are inspired by a poem of Hermann Hesse. Forget which one it was... Does anybody knows out there??
Simon, guitar & voc

The melody was in my head since I was 2 or 3 years old... Needed the song to get ridd of it.
Hans-Juergen, bass & voc


This s really beautful, I love this song! The orchestral arrangement is superb, and the choice of poem, well - Hermann Hesse, say no more. Share, share share :-)
ToHellWithThem on YouTube

Very Cool. I love the Puppetry such a beautiful art!!!!!!!!!!
eliki7 on YouTube

i enjoy music paired with mother nature! the best duo ever! great work, congrats :)
jadeeslayton on YouTube

WOW!!!! I love the way you evoke emotion in your songs. This ones really cool!
thebrandonparsons on YouTube

guys you are great you are doin cool stuff love it
lukewilton11 on YouTube

I feel that time passes by not slowly but very quickly. Having said that, I enjoy your video. Very compelling contrast between the tree images and the figures. I find it kind of has a Moody Blues type vibe going on. Nice work.
MarkBuerschaper on YouTube

haha, you all are awesome! :D
i love it
OctoberandAfternoon on YouTube

Beautiful song!
KPogue87 on YouTube