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The next highlight of the victorious Hendersongs. Aren't we all puppets? Turn your stereo LOUD!!!!!!!!!!


Flouting all the rules that limit our lifes
Restricting norms to save ourselves from hell
A puppets life does more vary than ours
Acting like majority does want

I'm leaving the ghetto of my mind
Perceive things as they really are
Acting like I really want to act
Leaving for the new state of mind

Life is safe and sound reduced by rules
Everyone knoes how he has to act
Your role is firm - your position your reward
surrending all your wishes and your dreams

I'm trying to leave the ghetto of my mind
Learn to hear the new voice of my being (here)
Broken are the chains of education
Freedom is the new state of mind...

MS, Bonn, 1992

The bands comments....

Bloody cool!
Mark, drums

A philosophical song. Sociological. As a child you learn societies rules and they become a part of you. We function. But sometimes it's so boring...
Simon, guitar & voc

I am really proud of the bassline. Listen! Shake your strings!
Hans-Juergen, bass & voc



COOL ! Man , i fanned/followed you on soundcloud / fb ... Peace / love & keep up the wunderbar creations !!
salcarusomusicvideo on YouTube

Art lives. Congrats!
LorenLutcher on YouTube

Awesome! Love this video! I'm on a roll today I guess - this is the second fantastic original video I've come across today that has a really unusual concept. Love the puppets, love the song, lover the music, love the vocals, love the lyrics, LOVE THE VIDEO! Totally interesting and unique! And yes, we are all indeed puppets! Nice work Hendersongs.  :) Greetings from Chicago, Lisa Gee
lisageeandthe422 on YouTube

takeakacha on YouTube

awesome. nice to see some real creativity happening.
caleblane1 on YouTube

Nice eclectic sound.
AGreatAmericanNovel on YouTube

great the concept...great imagination
juicie54 on YouTube

wow, kinda scary haha
Danimercdoeswork1 on YouTube

wHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? It's cool, it's just weird....
screechkid116on YouTube

Amazing stuff man! Keep these beautiful sounds flowing!
mgturn99 on YouTube
DANUTKA1000 on YouTube

Nice one Guys I loved the song
All the best
Haycroft2 on YouTube

Incredible song, beautiful production and trippy video!! Loved it!
MetropolisFan on YouTube

cool video. Excellent song! I really loved the bass and drums and how they rolled so smoothly. Also The whole concept that we are all puppets is humbling. Great job guys! ; )
BombsonBicycles on YouTube

Barisof on YouTube

meant to say ". . . . a few people who WE (the puppets) control with our magic strings." That might sound like a dumb comment, but I think it's true. (as they cart me off)
Dickkait on YouTube

We are all puppets, except for a few people who control with our magic strings!!! har har har.
You guys have such a coooooool video and music here. ★★★★★
Dickkait on YouTube

very cool and trippy
jessxisxasleep on YouTube