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Far Away? I'm not so far away!

The Rocking Puppets are back! Watch out! Keep your ears and mind open!


Barbara Pugh
love your music and the puppets are great.keep them coming.i love this

Bill Beaver
Great video and love the studio...keep up the great work..big fan

Nice video guys I really loved it All the best Paul

Cool guys! nice one! hey i have the same bass lol nice gear!

Kacie Vance
Nice setup and music. The puppets are a different take, however for me personally, they kind of scare me.. But great job, nonetheless :)

Really interesting! I enjoyed this upload very much!

amanda wooning
I luv you guys:) very nice!

Amazing tutorial video! :) So true! Rocking Puppets really rock!

Good song!

Hadas Rapoport
Nice! love the puppets thingie :)

Sun Sings

Abigail Press

Dick Kait
He said he was a Member of Parliament and wanted me to support him in the next election

...great... this is so great! :)

Richard Donald
i love this tune great stuff guys

Dick Kait
I think KacieTheHippie is right! Those puppets are very very scary. I woke up yesterday with one of them telling me things. . . . .

Jordi Tania JT
Nos encantado , gracias por unirse a nuestro canal y es un placer estar en el vuestro ,,, JT

Hey there. Really cool video clip! I love the puppets and the look at your studio setup. I just subscribed to your channel - will definitely check out more of your videos...... I'm also a fan on your ReverbNation site. cheers, Blake Pardey