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Drifting away

A woman in midlife-crisis... Children have left home... What does her life mean?

Very nice! Thumbs up!

D. Craig Wise
Wow... Now that was definitely "outside the Box"!! I really liked it a lot - not sure exactly why and I caught some of the lyrical meaning but - I don't know it just blew me away! Great Job! You all ever get a chance - check out Rutle's channel!! She is very - I hate to class it but lets say Avante Garde... Thanks for sharing@!

Mark jeffery Campayno
I love this so much!

Kay Hazelden
This is awesome, I love this kinda music. Any chance on a MP3? I keep replaying this on YouTube. (:

great stuff

catchy :)

john dyhouse
Loved the video and the song

Richard Donald
another great tune great stuff ... Rich .

Mark jeffery Campayno
i love it!!!! all of it!!!

robert moreno
Sounds really good!

hi i seen you on the song contest site thanks for your comment im gonna have a look through your my name if you want to hear my latest one :)

Barbara Pugh
good but eerie

This is good. I like your sound. Your video is cool too.

Rae Lou
Really cool!

Mandi Leachman
cool unique sound a very interesting video too. ;)

Very cool