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Down to the river

What can one say? When a heart is on the rocks, Miss Marple has stupid ideas down at the river...


I'm going down to the river
and thinking I was gone
I'm going down to the river
and hope to be alone

I watch the way of the water
as it flows in the sea
I watch the waves of the water
they move so quietly

I'm going down to the river, I'm going down!

I see your face in my mind
as you left me to cry
I hear your voice in my mind
the day you went away...

Oh, this world doesn't need me
I feel it every day
no, this world doesn't want me
and so I'll go away

Water touches my head
slowly I drift away
I close my eyes and will stop breathing
my life has flown away...

I'm going down to the river, I'm going down!

MS, Bonn, 1989

The bands comments....

I often go down to the river...only for a walk.
Mark, drums

A very old song. And sad.
Simon, guitar & voc

We published the electric version with phaser on the guitars and fuzz-bass. But the accoustic version is still my favorite...
Hans-Juergen, bass & voc


Great song, performance and production.
Mendips251 on YouTube

Wonderful song and video, I love the puppets :)
Great work
carina2800 on YouTube

Nice! great sounds!
garrettberry on YouTube

love it!
BabySnakesMusic on YouTube

Great song and video...I like your sounds!
TheBarrettMusic on YouTube

i love the puppets/music combo!
georgiaenglishmusic on YouTube

entertaining site
missyspirit on YouTube

coole idee! :D
BriddahOnFire on YouTube

der clip ist irgendwie unheimlich xD aber der song ist gut!
djmaetness on YouTube