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The Hendersongs - Rocking Puppets

Video published on YouTube May 2012


I will dare to love (if you want me...)
Daring to love you
If you want me to

I want you to say (if you want me...)
Saying you're loving me
If you want me to

So tell me if you want me to
Please tell me if you want me too

I will try to hide (if you want me)
Hiding all my love
If you want me to

I'm begging you on my knees
To say whatever you please
And if you say it is the end
It'll be the end!

I will have to cry (if you want me)
Crying in the night
If you want me to...

So tell me if you want me to
Would you tell me if you want me too!!

MS, Bonn, 1991

The bands comments....

So sad, so fragile, so real...
Mark, drums

Somewhen we'll record a folk version...
Simon, guitar & voc

I hate the video... You know the butterflies make me MAD!
Hans-Juergen, bass & voc



Another masterpiece!! I can watch this forever. It fits my mood today. You guys are so creative.
Let' collaborate. I will make puppets.  (actually, I can't make puppets, but I want to).
Dickkait on YouTube

Reply Great creation with these fantastic images and music. A great video!!
I enjoyed this very much!
teteroom on YouTube

aw I love the video!! So cool:)
TantrumJas on YouTube

dear friends.... it's always amazing.... the song, the video..... I love it !!!
valeriecicco on YouTube

So great
BombsonBicycles on YouTube

Really Great & Interesting !!!
TheCaptainNomeSir on YouTube

SabinaTchantouria on YouTube

Love it!!
stanleyfreeze2011 on YouTube

Cool video! Puppets are awesome :-)
KristinSpradling on YouTube

Nice video
darcylindzon on YouTube

I love all your guys songs.. like they're so chill and trippy.
AmercianMuffin9 on YouTube

Well done :)
EmilyElizabethMusic on YouTube